Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Saturday. We are so blessed everyday because of Your love.

  1. Thank You Jesus for the powerful sharing. We realize that meditating on words and then sharing creates a powerful change in us. Jesus, please fill us with the holy spirit.
  2. Thank You God for breakfast. Yes, it was McDonalds but yet we should always be thankful. Plus, it tasted ok after all. Well, the calories were probably high but Lord, you gave us the daily meal and we should be joyful!
  3. Thank You Father for the clean air. The air is so fresh after rain. I pray that You keep pouring down the rain in LA.
  4. Thank You Lord for another productive day despite being pressured. We trust You Lord. Thank You Father.
  5. Thank You Jesus for coffee. It is so delicious. Thank You for the coffee beans, water, coffee pot, and the gas burner used to make coffee.

Jesus, let us always be thankful and give more thanks.