I am very thankful today and yesterday. Yesterday, I went to eat Korean food after submitting my job applications. I was hungry and tired. I walked about six minutes and went to Korean Chinese restaurant. JJangmyun was delicious. I was thankful that I could afford seven dollars and such place existed near my house. Then I went to the super market and bought some snacks. I was thankful that I could walk and buy the snacks and come back home safely.

Today I am happy because I woke up. I am happy because my friend gave a me a ride to school. I am content because we had morning worship. I am grateful because I have a PC and internet. I am thankful that I can blog!

So many things that we should be thankful for! Thank You Jesus! You are so wonderful! Let us always praise You and thank You more. Father, let our praise and thanksgiving grow everyday! Amen!