Excellent points from GQ’s article about gun facts. Here are the facts.

  1. Assault weapons do not kill most people. This is true but we have to remember that this assault weapons somehow end up in South America and cause massive havoc. Also, let’s not forget the cost of mobilizing police, shutting down areas, when the suspect has an assault weapon. We add these costs up then may be banning assault weapons make sense.
  2. Owning many guns is not a problem. This one I kind of agree but I do argue that many guns do end up in the wrong hands and does make the police more alert and the cost of mobilization when it is suspected that someone has an arsenal.
  3. Only tiny fraction of America’s guns are used in crime. This is also true most guns are locked up in safes. But! But! Because of these few guns, the cost of policing and security increases drastically. Once the suspect has a gun, we need a lot of police cars and sometimes even the SWAT team. If it was a knife, well, we will not have so many police rush in the crime scene.
  4. Gun crime dropped even as Americans bought more firearms. This is a very interesting fact that economists and researchers are still trying to figure out.

Now how do we solve all this gun mess? Well, we can first start by making bullet more expensive. That what Chris Rock says and I agree.

Also, having an up to date gun registry would be a big step. Of course, criminals will not register but it will make taking track of guns much more efficient and ensure that guns do not end up in the wrong hands.