Another article about people going to work when they are sick. Bottom line, don’t come to work if you are sick. If you come to work when you are sick, you are a walking biological weapon that is spreading germs everywhere. Your customers and coworkers will get sick. SO STAY AT HOME! 

One issue that prevents people from staying home is lack of paid sick days. Well, employers unless you want an unhappy worker who is making everyone sick literally, it is better to offer a sick day. Not doing so is penny-wise and pound foolish. Not enough money to offer a sick day? Then the firm can use sick day transfer program, where coworkers can donate vacation days to one another. This is a partial solution but the sick employee should really get paid and feel better by staying home.

So let us spread the message, if you are sick don’t come to work. And business owners please pay for sick days, it will make the world a better place for everyone 😀

I pray that sick day issue gets resolved wisely and swiftly.