By now, my friends know that my hobby is writing reviews. They first laughed so hard and felt pity for me. But now they admire the fact that I am still doing it and do not make a face or bother when I take pictures in the restaurant.

So why do I review? Well, I realized that I needed a new hobby that could let my brain rest once in a while. I already worked out and doing too much exercise would make me too tired. Also, I wanted to do some writing but something that could be useful and that can be done relatively quick.

Then it hit me! Reviews! I realized that I benefited greatly from Yelp and Amazon reviews and I said, “Well, time to give back!”

So I started reviewing. First, I wrote very vaguely. Then I realized that I might be just adding noise. I started adding some things that I thought were either good or bad. Later, I found out that pictures are worth a thousand words so I started taking pictures.

After reviewing lot of stuff, I started getting “Like” buttons. Ah, finally some validation. Wish research was that easy and nice (haha). I am just happy someone found my review useful. I am sure someone saved a trip to a not so good restaurant. Someone probably ordered a nice dish from my reviews and had more consumer surplus. I know some establishments liked my honest review about service.

So overall, I believe that I helped some people and I am very thankful that God gave me this new hobby. Thank You Jesus.

In the future, I plan to write more elegant and useful reviews and take better pictures 😀

For those who are interested in my reviews, please find them here

Please “Like” my reviews if it helped you a bit or made you smile just a bit :p