My last post showed how we should always give thanks to God. Although I am still very weak and not disciplined, I gave thanks to God about my PC crashing. I have applications to fill and data to run but I did not panic. I gave thanks to God and googled.

Slowly, I changed my computer setting many times. It crashed like five times. Now it is stable and faster. I learned that I had lot of startup programs that made my computer slow and I learned about a new tool to clean adware. I thank Jesus because my computer is now much faster and now I can also help others who may have similar problems.

Glory to God! This is how God works. Even in hard times if you give thanks to Jesus and honor Him, He will take care of it. So thank You Jesus again for helping me remain calm and give thanks to You and fix my PC. Thank You Jesus.


For those who have Windows 10 freezing, it is most likely a power option issue.

Please google “optimize Windows 10” and you will find great videos that will enhance your PC.