Today, I felt down. I felt tempted and filling out applications filled with idiosyncratic issues really drained my soul. I tried praying and reading the Word. Yet I felt trapped. Thankfully, my good roommate cooked me a very heavy lunch that raised my mood. Then we went to get boba tea.

We complained that Korea town did not have good boba but then I remember back in Durham, NC. We had worse and I did not complain much. I repented. When I came home my PC crashed. But I did not panic. I knew that I was not being thankful. So I calmly cleaned the PC and turned on my laptop to figure out why it kept crashing.

I thanked my laptop that helped me find Windows 10 issues. My PC is still struggling but I am thankful for all the things that my PC enabled me to do. Thank you desktop. I will fix you soon. I also thanked my laptop that helped me to continue my work and write my post.

I gave thanks that I can give thanks. I read the bible and it was so much more touching and powerful.

In sum, be always thankful because the Lord has made this day and we should rejoice it 😀