Despite writing three posts about Uber, I have not taken Uber until today.

I can say that the experience was good. The app showed the price clearly and the status of the driver coming to pick me up.

The friendly lady who picked me up blasted gangster music and drove aggressively but it was a good experience. We had a nice chat.

However, I was shocked at the low price! I paid $1.77 for 2.5 miles. I really felt bad so I prayed. And I got off at a point where she could turn the car around and pick up other passengers.

I was really surprised at the low price and the efficiency. The app literally took the fastest way. I felt bad for the low price but the lady said Uber paid bills. And it makes sense, without Uber, she would not be able to make extra income when she needs to.

As I came home, I thought that it would be awesome if Uber pooled commuters more efficiently, decreasing overall traffic. I am sure Uber is already working on it. It would be a good day when LA people leave their cars and just car pool with Uber and not worry about parking.


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