Thank You Jesus for another beautiful day. It is the last month of the year, thank You for looking after us. We are so grateful for Your love and protection.

  1. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I love to listen to praise songs.
  2. Thank You Lord for my PC. So nice to run multiple programs at once.
  3. Thank You God for morning worship. Thank You for making me wake up and pray. It is always the best to start the day with You Jesus.
  4. Thank You Jesus for the airplane. Although I complain about small leg room and expensive prices, we should really be thankful that air travel is possible.
  5. Thank You Father the lovely airbnb host. He is just amazing. The house is so clean and cool. I have decided that I will be a bit cleaner and artistic.
  6. Thank You Jesus for Miami. The city is nice and lovely. I love the rain and the clean air.
  7. Thank You Lord for the nice Miami airport. It is quite nice.

Thank You Jesus for everything. Let us always give You thanks.