Thank You for a beautiful Sunday. Thank You Jesus for everything. Let us always be thankful 😀

  1. Thank You Jesus for the successful Miami presentation. It went well and there were more people than I expected.
  2. Thank You Lord for my friend. We had lot of fun and it was just awesome.
  3. Thank You God for Hilton. Very nice hotel. It is expensive and nice.
  4. Thank You Jesus for American Airlines. Yes, I can complain about the small seats but I am thankful that we can fly from Miami to LA.
  5. thank You Father for my friends who picked me from the airport. Yes, thank you for driving in LA 😀
  6. Thank You Jesus for the bible. I am reading the bible more and it is such a blessing. Please let me know You more Jesus.
  7. Thank You Jesus for enabling me to give thanks. I was so thankful. I want to thank more. Let me praise in You in all situations.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and grace. Let us pray and serve more.