Thank You Jesus for a blessed Monday. I really got done a lot of things. Also, I prayed more.

  1. Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness. Thank You for making me pray and read the bible more.
  2. Thank You Jesus for dying for our sins. Although I sin, I know I can repent and forgiven. Please make me holier everyday.
  3. Thank You Father for a very productive. Really productive 😀
  4. Thank You God for my room. It is very nice with large windows and high ceiling.
  5. Thank You Lord for instant noodles. Yup, they are your best friend when you don’t want to cook.
  6. Thank You Jesus for internet. I am learning so many things from the web.
  7. Thank You Father for my gym. Exercised twice. I hope I keep working out.

Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness. I pray that we become holier everyday.