Thank You Lord for a blessed Saturday. We are so thankful for all Your goodness!

  1. Thank You Father for mercy ministry. We served the street people at Skid Row. Jesus please bless them and help them come back to You. Also, please help us pray more for them and serve them with love.
  2. Thank You Jesus for Angel Tree. We pray that families broken by crime are healed by Your love and grace. Jesus please bless them. Also, please help us love and serve more.
  3. Thank You Lord for the bible. I am reading the bible more now and it is fantastic. Please give us more wisdom so we can understand Your plans.
  4. Thank You Father for my eyes. Without my eyes, I would not be able to read the bible or work. Jesus, thank You for my eyes, please help me better take care of my eyes.
  5. Thank You Jesus for Jesus for my ears. I love to hear podcasts and YouTube sermons. Please protect my ears.
  6. Thank You Father for my house. It is so nice and it serves You well. Let me organize and clean the house more.
  7. Thank You Jesus for my bed. So comfortable. I love you my bed.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always praise You and love You more everyday.