Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Thursday. I feel so blessed everyday. Thank You Lord.

  1. Thank You God for another productive day. Thank You Jesus for Your wisdom. Please continue to bless us with more wisdom.
  2. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It is super effective!
  3. Thank You Lord for Amazon and Groupon. Ah, nice way to shop.
  4. Thank You Father for a good dinner with my friend. I am very thankful for his kindness.
  5. Thank You God for my legs. I am so blessed that I can walk and go to places.
  6. Thank You Jesus for my hands. So joyful that I can type and do other cool things with my hands 😀
  7. Thank You Father for prayer. I am still learning how to pray better. Please make me pray more everyday.

Thank You Lord for all Your goodness. Let us always be joyful and give You all the joy.