Thank You Father for a fantastic Friday. Let us always give You praise and give You all the glory.

  1. Thank You God for a very productive day. Please keep blessing us with more wisdom.
  2. Thank You Jesus for great morning prayer. Please help me pray more and give You all the glory.
  3. Thank You God for Jones Market. It has cheap and reasonable food and stuff 😀
  4. Thank You Lord for my plants. They are so lovely. I will take better care of them.
  5. Thank You Father for my church friends. They are such an encouragement. Let us become holier everyday.
  6. Thank You Jesus for my friends who are now serving You more. Lord, please pour Your Spirit on them so they can be holier.
  7. Thank You Father for my house. It is great that we can serve the church with our large living room. I will organize and clean the house more.

Thank You Lord for all Your goodness. Let us always pray and serve more.