My friend said that my house was messy and disorganized. Given that I like to take advice from those who care, I set on an adventure to clean my kitchen. Whoa!

What do I find?

A ginger with rhizomes sticking out! Time to plant it because God intended this ginger to prosper 😀

So I follow advice from the web, by cutting the ginger by parts that have rhizomes and planted them in my vacant pots (where my plants died 😦 ).

Well, let’s see how it prospers. Ginger is supposed to be strong so we will see.

I praise God for the amazing ginger that bore bunch of rhizomes. I thank Jesus for the internet that helped me how to plant the ginger. I also thank the Lord for preparing the ginger, internet, and empty pots to plant the ginger. Thank You Jesus.

I am actually quite excited to see the ginger grow. It has been a while since I have grown from seed stage. I miss mango tree. Well, time to try again 😀

Thank You again Jesus for the unexpected planting.