Thank You Jesus for a blessed Tuesday. Let us always be thankful and give You all the praise.

  1. Thank You God for morning prayer. I am becoming more disciplined and my prayers are becoming deeper. Jesus help me pray more.
  2. Thank You Father for my PC. It really gets a lot of work done!
  3. Thank You Lord for coffee. Coffee really provides comfort and energy. I should really learn more about making good coffee.
  4. Thank You Jesus for a good chat with my friend. I am so thankful that we can Kakao.
  5. Thank You Lord for prayer time. Let us pray more. Let us know Your heart and pray more and deeper.
  6. Thank You Jesus for Spam. Spam was going to expire so I ate it yesterday and it was delicious. Such lovely food. Too bad I can’t eat it more often. Need to lose weight.
  7. Thank You Father for podcasts. Really, learning a lot from these podcasts. Please give me more wisdom.

Thank You Lord for all Your goodness. Let us love and pray more. Let us give You all the glory.