Thank You Lord for waking me up and blessing me so much. Let us praise You more and give You all the glory.

  1. Thank You Jesus for teaching me about praising You and being humble. I realize that I often become quite disobedient and proud. Today, You made me realize that only by praising You, and give thanks to You, I can be more humble. Jesus please make me more humble and meek.
  2. Thank You God for forgiving our sins. Everyday I sin so much. Sometimes, I am out of control and I spent lot of time repenting. Jesus, please help me sin less. Please make me holier. Also, thank You for the cross. We are forever grate for Your unending love.
  3. Thank You Lord for another productive day. I can’t believe that I can multitask so much. I make mistakes some times but sometimes I am amazed the things that I can do. Jesus, thank You so much for blessing me with talents. Please make sure that I do not become proud but be more humble.
  4. Thank You God for the podcasts. I am learning so much. I just wish that they would some times get to the point. But still I am thankful.
  5. Thank You Jesus for good food. Korea Town may be dirty and crowded but they do have good food. Yum! Thank you lunch special!
  6. Thank You Father for my good friend. It is good that we support each other. Let us become holier.
  7. Thank You for bible study. I realize that I really need to study so much. Jesus, please show us Your plan so we can obey You better.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love. Let us know Your plans and obey You more.