Ahhh…last few days, I have been uploading all the reviews that I have been procrastinating for three months.

First, thank You Jesus for all Your love. I did not realize that I went to so many nice places and good restaurants. Thank You Lord for giving me beyond the daily meals.

Second, I realized that I should write better reviews. I should really think what makes the dish or coffee good. Man, I should ask questions and do some research. I apologize for my very dry and to the point reviews. Hopefully, I will update them.

Third, I realize that pictures are worth more than thousand words. People click many likes on my pictures. Thank you Galaxy S7 for being the nice camera. I still should have better angles and more focus.

Fourth, I am thankful that I have the ability and the tenacity to write reviews. I realize that most people don’t write reviews 😦 boo. Your opinions count as well. Yeah, it takes a bit of time. But more information, closer to the truth, less time and money wasted. I hope everyone pitches a bit in more.

Finally, thank You Jesus for everything. Thank You Lord for all the resources and abilities that You have given me. Thank you Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google!


For those, who are interested in seeing my reviews click below~