Thank You Lord for another blessed day. Jesus let us become holier everyday.

  1. Thank You Lord for prayer. It is always so good to pray. Father, let us always pray and give You all the glory.
  2. Thank You Jesus for yogurt. Love yogurt. Thanks to Costco, I can buy good yogurt at a low price.
  3. Thank You Father for podcasts. I am learning so much about investing and productivity through great podcasts. Thanks to the 2 x function, I can listen to more podcasts.
  4. Thank You God for facebook. I get updates from friends, read interesting articles, and get to share news and useful information.
  5. Thank You Father for the bible. I am reading Mathew and realize that I missed a lot of things. Better read more carefully and internalize the teaching.
  6. Thank You Jesus for coffee. I am so blessed that LA has great coffee shops.
  7. Thank You Lord for the rain. Really yeaned for rain. I hope the rain resolves the drought and cleanses our hearts.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always be more thankful!