Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness. I am always thankful that You love us so much.

  1. Thank You Jesus for rain. The air is sooooooooo fresh and now I can see the mountains that used to be covered in smog. I love the fresh air and the wetness of the land. So refreshing.
  2. Thank You Father for an opportunity to interview. I am so thankful that You open doors for us. Jesus, I pray that You make me lied down on green pastures and lead me to still waters.
  3. Thank You God for great Friday night service. We were so blessed. Thank You for sending us a new comer. Jesus, I pray that his love for You grows everyday. Please bless him.
  4. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It worked very hard all day. Also, thank you portable hard drive for storing all the data.
  5. Thank You Father for dinner. There was not enough but since I am fat, I should not complain haha. Thank You Lord for the daily meal. Let us seek Your Word first.
  6. Thank You Lord for my blog. So nice to write down my thoughts and share them. Hope some people find my blog useful and helpful. Let us always do everything for the glory of God.
  7. Thank You Father for my bed. So nice. What a nice bed. Thank you for being a nice bed. I know I will sleep well tonight as well.

Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness. Let us always be more thankful everyday šŸ˜€