It has been a while since I had a relaxing Saturday.

Today, I am chilling. I feel like I should go out but too much to drive and go. I will probably take a walk.

After taking a nap, I cleaned the house and I feel so thankful that I have a place to clean and a good vacuum. As I clean my house, I realize that peace and rest comes when we are walking with God (Yes, it is strange that I have revelations when I am cleaning the place).

Moving stuff to vacuum, I realize how much materials things Jesus has given me and I am thankful. As I lift some boxes, I thank Jesus for giving me an able body. I clean the kitchen and realize that there is food. Thank You Lord for the daily meal.

I look at Amazon for deals. I want to buy some gadgets but they are a bit expensive. I am thankful that Amazon provides deals so I can buy them later. Plus, I own Amazon stock so I am quite satisfied.

On my second monitor, I look at all the data that I need to clean. However, I am so thankful that Jesus gave me the ability to clean data.

So many things to be thankful. Now I will enjoy my Costco coffee!! Thank You Jesus for all Your love. Let us always be more thankful and spread Your love.

Ahhh~ what a blessed Saturday ^^