Thank You Father for a blessed Monday. Let us always start the week with You Jesus.

  1. Thank You Father for morning prayer. Thank You for waking me up and helping me pray. Let us pray more everyday.
  2. Thank You Jesus for reconciliation. Lord, let us never fight amongst each other and if we do let us quickly repent and forgive ūüėÄ
  3. Thank You Lord for my PC. Yeah, PC gets lot of things done.
  4. Thank You God for a fun time at Skyzone. I really like to jump around trampolines but my body aches. Yup, getting old and need to lose some weight.
  5. Thank You Jesus for great evening prayer. We all prayed together for revival. Let us continue to pray for Your blessings.
  6. Thank You Father for my car. I am so joyful that I can serve by giving rides.
  7. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I love to see interesting documentaries on YouTube so informative.

Thank You Lord for all Your love. Let us always remember Your love and mercy.