Thank You God for a blessed Tuesday. We are so blessed that everyday is a gift from You.

  1. Thank You Father for morning prayer. I am praying longer now. Jesus let me really pray hard for Your Kingdom.
  2. Thank You Jesus for a good meeting with my advisor. He kindly encouraged me. Thank You Lord for the great relationship.
  3. Thank You Father for the quiet school. The school is so peaceful now. I will enjoy the peace while it lasts.
  4. Thank You God for a great parking. You give me the best parking spots! Such a blessing in LA 😀
  5. Thank You Father for great fellowship. Lord, I pray that we work harder to spread the gospel and further Your Kingdom.
  6. Thank You Jesus for my PC. Yes, it is a great PC that works hard.
  7. Thank You God for plants. I love plants. They clean our air and gives us comfort 😀

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always give You thanks and praise You.