Thank You Lord for a wonderful Wednesday! We are so thankful for Your love and mercy.

  1. Thank You God for a great morning prayer. Jesus, help me to pray more. Let us cry out to You and obey Your commands.
  2. Thank You Father for the rain. So refreshing. I hope we have more rain so the drought will be gone 😀
  3. Thank You Jesus for Costco. Although it was quite crowded, I got the stuff that I need.
  4. Thank You Lord for my friends. They are very supportive. I pray that they also get to know You.
  5. Thank You Jesus for helping me stay strong. Let us never panic or be distressed for You are with us and You will help us overcome anything.
  6. Thank You Lord for my blog. Yesterday, I started a new page about artists that I like. I think it is awesome that I can finally organize and share the artists that I like.
  7. Thank You Jesus for a nice relaxing time. Lord, You have really blessed me with rest yesterday. Jesus, let us always remember that true peace and rest only comes from You.

Jesus, we are so thankful for Your love and kindness. Let us always love You and serve our neighbors 😀