More rain in LA. I am enjoying the cool breeze and the fresh air. In fact, I drove with my windows open and it felt great.

As I drove through 6th street towards La Brea, I saw all the trees coming alive and the grass becoming green once again. I even saw houses shining, yeah, that must have been bad pollution.

At night I leave the window open until it gets too cold and my room feels refreshed. Love my large windows.

I really hope that the rain continues so we can worry less about the drought. Also, I hope that people learn how to drive better in the rain. It is so funny how people panic when it rains.

Also, it is very interesting that many people really do not own an umbrella. They just get upset when it starts raining. It is interesting.

Lord, I pray for more rain. Please cleanse the pollution and our sins as well 😀