I have been an avid fan of crowdsourced research because as a researcher I know how hard it is to do research. Specially, when there is lot of data to process and there is no easy or cheap way.

One of my favorite crowdsourced research is Snapshot Serengeti, where you classify and count various animals and what they are doing.  I especially like to project because I like to see wild animals in nature. Plus, it takes me from LA to Serengeti.

Wow…look at these shots!


**This zebras are so photogenic that they can be on a printer commercial!


**This picture can easily be an opening scene of a nature documentary 😀


**Wildebeests so awesome creatures.


**This is definitely a Windows background screenshot.

From my small room, I experience the majestic Serengeti! So awesome.

Although I am surrounded by concrete, my heart is already in the vast fields of Serengeti ^^

So~ please do try out Snapshot Serengeti and not only help out research but also enjoy the fullness of Serengeti!


Very good for your mental health for those who are trapped in the office and work extremely long hours in front of the computer and want to see something green or alive.