Despite the pollution, traffic, expensive rent, and sometimes crazy people, one of the reasons that I like LA is because it has good food.

Today I introduce you Replublique, one of my favorite restaurants. I love going to La Brea but often I do not want to deal with traffic and parking.

But yesterday I had to go to the area for business and decided to get some good food! I have not been there in the morning so it was new for me.

I ordered a sticky bomb and a latte. It was so delicious! I did not know but sticky bomb was a special culinary item!

I savored the dark and smooth latte while enjoying the maple syrup drenched creamy bacon and bread.


Latte and sticky Bomb


I wish the breakfast could last forever but I had to get some work done.

Also, I look forward to returning soon to eat other delicious treats šŸ˜€


Thank You Jesus for the great food. I am so thankful that I live in a foodie city. Lord, I pray that I seek Your Word first and then also eat my daily bread. Also, please bless the people who work hard toĀ make theĀ delicious food.Ā Thank You God for the Your love and grace.


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