It is the second day of the year and I am very thankful. I am trying to be more thankful. I try to write about more thankful things but it is quite challenging. However, it does help me to be very content because I was able to be thankful for my keyboard 😀

Jesus, I pray that You continue to bless us and that we become more humble and thankful everyday.

31. Thank You Jesus for Coursera. I love the great content and it is free! Really, wish Coursera was there when I was in high school 😀
32. Thank You Lord for GIFs in Facebook. So many of them are funny and plain brilliant.
33. Thank You Father for morning worship. I am so blessed that I shared the first morning worship prayer of 2017. Thank You Jesus for such honor.
34. Thank You Jesus for my house. I am so happy that I live close to church. I was not feeling well so I went home and slept and came back to church. Yay!
35. Thank You God for coffee. I felt very sleepy. But one cup of Joe made me fresh. I hope I become more fresh with Your Word.
36. Thank You Jesus for honey. I have a cold so I am consuming lots of honey. Delicious! Plus, it has no expiration date so it is really nice.
37. Thank You Lord for my PC. Today, I finally finished getting some list of URLs for my project.
38. Thank You Jesus for Stata. Stata is really great. So nice to run analysis using Stata.
39. Thank You Father for shoes. I did not realize but I should be really thankful for my shoes. I remember living in Ecuador and Brazil where many did not have shoes. I pray that Jesus You bless the poor.
40. Thank You God for internet. Yup, I quickly found the information that I needed. Jesus, please help me focus on doing the necessary things and not wandering off in the web.
41. Thank You Jesus for a blessed time with my aunt. We shared about Your love and we had a good time of prayer. Jesus, I pray that You use my aunt as a mighty tool.
42. Thank You Father for the delicious dinner. My aunt made delicious rice cake soup. So good.
43. Thank You Lord for dedication prayer. We are so honored to pray and read the Word and focus on You. Jesus let us start 2017 with You and go all the way.
44. Thank You Jesus for hot water. I am so blessed that I can take hot showers. I remember when my shower did not work and had to take cold showers. It was healthy but not so pleasant many times.
45. Thank You God for my plants. They are growing healthier everyday.
46. Thank You Jesus for the plants at church. Our church air quality is not so good. But thanks to the plants, it does feel fresher. Now we just need to really love them and take good care of them.
47. Thank You Father for my beta. It looks ill and I thought it would die but it is strong and well. I like to see it swim around aggressively.
48. Thank You Lord for toilet paper. Yes, we often forget to thank for toilet paper until we really need it. Thank you Costco for the bulk toilet paper purchase.
49. Thank You Jesus for enabling me to help my friend in coding. I am so blessed that You taught me how to code. I am really thankful.
50. Thank You God for Udemy. I learned something new about foreclosures.
51. Thank You Jesus for my smartphone. I am so thankful that it works well as a GPS. My old Garmin was good until it started to shut off by itself.
52. Thank You Lord helping me say hello to people. I am actually a bit shy. But thanks to Your love, I am able to greet people 😀
53. Thank You Father for my keyboard. I am thankful that I can type my post using my keyboard.
54. Thank You Lord for my chair. It is cheap but reliable. I am thankful that it is still sturdy despite my heavy usage.
55. Thank You Jesus for elevators. I like exercising but walking up 14 floors hmm…I tried and it is hard, especially if the stairway is dirty and suffocating.
56. Thank You God for lotion. I used to hate lotion. I am not sure why. But now I take good care of my skin. Thank you nice lotion from Costco.
57. Thank You Jesus for a nice chat with Myungshin. I am so thankful for her. She really makes me mature and force me to become holier.
58. Thank You Lord for Kakao. I am so thankful that I can communicate with my friends.
59. Thank You Jesus for Wechat, which I really like. It does not have the nicest design but it is very convenient.
60. Thank You God for speech. I am so thankful that I can speak. I often forget that speaking is such a blessing.
61. Thank You Lord for the babies at church. Today, I learned that babies really cannot control their emotions. They are happy now and then crying within 10 seconds. But they are so lovely and adorable.
62. Thank You Father for tangerines. I love tangerines. I should eat more tomorrow.
63. Thank You Jesus for LA. I am so thankful that I live in a city that is quite interesting. I just pray that You bless the city more.
64. Thank You Lord for my old scripts. They still work well. Gets the job done.

Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness. Let us always praise You and give You all the glory.