Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Let us always be thankful and give You all the glory. I am specifically thankful for my friend who came to visit me. We had a great time. Please make us holier and more loving.

166. Thank You Jesus for temporarily suspending my speakers. I felt so angry because I wanted to listen to Sermons and Coursera. But I calmed myself and gave thanks and followed the online instructions. Thankfully, the sound is back on. Praise the Lord!
167. Thank You Father for my great time with Jiwoo. I am blessed that I have good friend. I pray that we both become holier everyday.
168. Thank You Lord for the great lunch. We went to the best Korean BBQ in K-Town! The place was not crowded and we had a great lunch. Thank You Father for good lunch!
169. Thank You Jesus for great coffee. I wanted my friend to have good coffee so we went to Document, arguably the best coffee in K-Town. There was a line but we got our coffee and enjoyed a nice chat outside 😀
170. Thank You Lord for a nice drive to Santa Monica. There was not much traffic and no bad driver so we arrived in thirty minutes.
171. Thank You Jesus for nice parking. We found an empty spot and had no trouble getting out either. Plus, given that parking was free for two hours, I saved money! Thank you City of Santa Monica for the parking structures and two hour free parking.
172. Thank You Lord for good gelato. My friend wanted to enjoy so I suggested ice cream and it was good!
173. Thank You Father for Santa Monica Pier. The day was gorgeous and the pier was not so crowded.
174. Thank You Jesus for smartphones. I am so happy that I can use my phone as GPS to come to Santa Monica and take beautiful pictures.
175. Thank You God for my legs. I would not be able to walk around with my friend if I did not have healthy legs. Thank You Lord for enabling me to walk.
176. Thank You Lord for the pleasant drive back to LA. I took Wilshire boulevard from all the from Santa Monica to K-Town. I could have taken the high way but it would took me ten more minutes and I got to see lot of shops and buildings that I missed. Also, I am thankful that I learned the choke points and changed lanes efficiently.
177. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It worked very hard to download SEC files while I was with my friend.
178. Thank You Lord for my code. It was able to get some data that I have missed. This is why we always need to check the data again.
179. Thank You God for Microsoft Rewards. I accumulated enough points for an Amazon gift card! Yay!
180. Thank You Jesus for good dinner at church. Ah, I am feeling stuffed and better.
181. Thank You Father for good intercession prayer. I am so thankful that we covered a lot of topics and prayed for revival.
182. Thank You Lord for our pastors. I pray that You blessed them and use them to further Your Kingdom.
183. Thank You Jesus for brooms and vacuum cleaner. A plate broke and we were able to clean up pretty quickly and also just clean the church a bit.
184. Thank You Father for the church plants. They are growing well. I should really fertilize them with my compost, after I microwave it.
185. Thank You Lord for the babies at church. They are so adorable. Also, when they sing praise songs, I just feel so thankful Jesus.
186. Thank You Jesus for the youth at church. I am so thankful that they know You already. My life would have been much holier and less stressful if I followed You earlier. However, I know that You have perfect timing for everyone so thank You Jesus.
187. Thank You Lord for David. I am joyful that his faith is growing. I pray that his love for You grows more daily.
188. Thank You Father for our church building. We are in a commercial building and it is quite convenient. I pray that You bless the whole building.
189. Thank You Jesus for my car. I am so thankful that I could go to Santa Monica and come back safely.
190. Thank You Lord for Duolingo. I did not have much time to practice today but thank You for giving me a habit to practice.
191. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. I am so thankful to talk to my friends and family.
192. Thank You Father for Myungshin. I am so thankful that we pray for each other and do our best to live by Your Word.
193. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible. Your Word is sweet as honey and gives us life. Please give us the strength to obey.
194. Thank You Jesus for helping me giving thanks. I pray that we are more thankful everyday.
195. Thank You Lord for my parents. I love them so much. I pray that You touch their hearts and fill them with love and peace. I pray that we become a holy family.
196. Thank You Father for my Dyson. I cleaned the house and it is lovely. I should clean more often.
197. Thank You Lord for YouTube. I watched some funny and informative videos. Please help me use my time more wisely.
198. Thank You Jesus for a hot bath. Always nice to relax in the tub.
199. Thank You Father for filtered water. Thank You for clean water.
200. Thank You God for my gym. I love the new cross-fit equipment. Time to workout more.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us remember that You have blessed us so much and all we have to do is open our eyes and be thankful 😀