Trader Joe’s has been accused of forcing smiles. Hmmm..I do understand that people have emotions and forcing smiles is not always healthy. However, Trader Joe’s brand is all about hospitality and providing good products at a relatively OK price. If the workers cannot agree with the mission then they could always find other employment opportunities such as Whole Foods. Or they could go to Wal-Mart, where rarely anyone smiles and most employees cannot help you.

Now Trader Joe’s employees may be unhappy but it is does not go far as Disney, specifically Disney Land, the happiest place on earth. Disney Land employees have to go through secret passages to rest and to move stuff around. And they have to be super happy and friendly, all part of the brand and the mission. That is what the consumer wants after all.

So it is unfortunate that always smile policy is imposed at Trader Joe’s but given that is the value proposition, it is unlikely to change. If the employee finds such forced smile work place stressful then there are always other employment opportunities, where you don’t have to force a smile.