Thank You Jesus for a beautiful Saturday. Let us remember that all good things come from You and praise You. Jesus, we are thankful that You have forgiven our sins. Let us be holier everyday.

201. Thank You Jesus for helping me complete the data collection course on Coursera. I rushed and did the quizzes but did reasonably well. Thank You Lord for my data training.
202. Than You Lord for the data collection course. It is so well organized, I look forward to using the course material when teaching about data and research πŸ˜€
203. Thank You Lord for LinkedIn. I am thankful that I can display my professional experience on LinkedIn.
204. Thank You God for Udemy Early Access. Today I reviewed a technical analysis course. The course was actually decent in the sense that I understood somethings πŸ˜€
205. Thank You Father for Myungshin. She is so funny and adorable.
206. Thank You Jesus for helping me pray. I used to be really bad at prayer. But now I am ok. Thank You for making me pray more Jesus.
207. Thank You Father for my friend. We had a great lunch. I am glad that he had a great time in LA.
208. Thank You Lord for a new friend. My friend introduced me a new friend. I pray that he also gets to know You.
209. Thank You Jesus for good coffee. I showed my friend that LA does have real good coffee. I am so thankful.
210. Thank You God for bananas. They are cheap and super nutricious.
211. Thank You Jesus for Jons, a small grocery store near my house. It has products at a very cheap price.
212. Thank You Father for my smartphone. I am so thankful that I can take pictures and check my email.
213. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It is still running some code! Go my dear PC!
214. Thank You Father for Kakao. Communication is so much more effective with Kakao.
215. Thank You Lord for good Korean restaurants. I am so fortunate that there are many decent Korean restaurants near my place.
216. Thank You Father for Paris Baguette. We are thankful for their bread donation.
217. Thank You Jesus for Coursera. I can’t wait to listen to more classes and learn more in 2017.
218. Thank You Father for research. I am so thankful that You got me interested about research. It is nice to discover new things.
219. Thank You Lord for good notes at Lending Club. I was fortunate to finance a librarian. They have stable jobs and are quite risk averse.
220. Thank You Father for my back. I had a backache. It hurt but it made me realize how blessed I am. Jesus, please let me be more thankful for my health.
221. Thank You Jesus for Quora. Today I found very interesting posts, including why Starbucks coffee tastes bad.
222. Thank You Lord for my plants. They are growing more beautiful everyday.
223. Thank You Father for Evernote. It makes note taking very beautiful.
224. Thank You Jesus for my refrigerator. Although it is broken, it still cools so the food does not spoil instantly.
225. Thank You God for my gym. I really like the new cross-fit equipment. I will work out more after my back feels better.
226. Thank You Jesus for my roommate who stepped on my back. He realigned my spine. Ahh, feels so good.
227. Thank You Lord for water. I am thankful that I have clean water.
228. Thank You Jesus for my house. I am thankful that my friend had a chance to see my house.
229. Thank You Father for my printer. I am thankful that I can print at home.
230. Thank You Jesus for the Amazon prime. I am thankful for the nice documentaries that they have.
231. Thank You Father for my bed. So comfortable.

Jesus, You are the King of kings and Lord of lords. Let us always remember that You are in control and not worry. Let us rejoice!