Thank You Jesus for all Your love. Let us always remember Your goodness and spread Your love. Thank You for Sunday Worship. Please make us holier everyday.

232. Thank You Jesus for Sunday Worship. Let us always give You praise and thankful.
233. Thank You Lord for the good sermon. Let us remember that we are saved and that we are Your children. Let us live holy lives and give You the glory.
234. Thank You Father for the good bible study. It is hard to teach the bible because it is hard and I really need to learn more. Yet You blessed me to take care of the new comers. Thank You Jesus.
235. Thank You Jesus for the lovely brothers and sisters in Christ. Together, we are strong and will strive to become holier.
236. Thank you Father for lunch. It was not delicious and almost disappointing but we give You thanks for the food and pray for more delicious food.
237. Thank You Jesus for a stove. I am so blessed that I can boil water at home.
238. Thank You Lord for the refrigerator. The broken refrigerator reminds us how blessed we are.
239. Thank You Father for bananas. They are cheap, nutritious, and delicious.
240. Thank You God Father for my PC. It worked very hard to down load SEC files.
241. Thank You Jesus for a good nap. I slept almost for two hours.
242. Thank You Father for a hot bath. My back still hurts but a nice bath alleviates the pain.
243. Thank You Lord for my gym. I could not do many pull ups but I still worked out.
244. Thank You Jesus for my printer. I am happy that I can print things at home.
245. Thank You God for my scanner. I am thankful that I can scan things at home instead of going to school to scan.
246. Thank You Lord for lotion. I have started using my lotion because I realize I should take better care of myself.
247. Thank You Father for water. I am thankful that I have clean water to drink.
248. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. I am very thankful that I can chat with my family.
249. Thank You God for a good chat with Myungshin. She is so adorable and funny. Please make us holier.
250. Thank You Lord for my roommates. We are so thankful that we care for each other. Please make us holier.
251. Thank You Father for helping me jaywalk less. I realize that I should really become a better example everyday.
252. Thank You Jesus for my car. I am thankful that I can serve through rides.
253. Thank You Lord for excel. I am so thankful that I can clean data using excel.
254. Thank You God for Stanford’s litigation data base. I had to google a lot before now I can just search the data base.
255. Thank You Jesus for clothing. I am thankful that I have cloth to wear.
256. Thank You Father for soap. I am thankful that I can clean myself.
257. Thank You Jesus for my health. I read about all these illnesses that I could have but thankfully, I am healthy. Thank You Jesus!
258. Thank You Father for my eyes. My eyes work so much because I work in front of the computer all day. Jesus, please protect my eyes and let me take better care of them.
259. Thank You God for the nice documentaries on YouTube. Some are quite boring or exaggerated but I still learn something new.
260. Thank You Jesus for the courses on Udemy. Many are short and lack details but they do increase my understanding. Given the current sale, $10, it is an excellent deal!
261. Thank You God for Duolingo. I am consistently practicing my Spanish.
262. Thank You Jesus for giving me a heart to pray. Jesus, let us always be more thankful and pray more.

Thank You Jesus for enabling me to give thanks. I pray that we become more thankful everyday!