Thank You Lord for another blessed day. The sun and the clouds were so beautiful today. I am thankful that the rain cleared the skies and the wind is so fresh just like a good commercial. Thank You Jesus for giving us today and we look forward to tomorrow 😀

531. Thank You Lord for another blessed day. It was a beautiful day with a gorgeous weather. I pray that we will be with You and enjoy Your glory everyday.
532. Thank You God for bananas. I am so thankful that it is cheap and tasty and an excellent breakfast.
533. Thank You Jesus for instant coffee. I did not feel like grinding the beans so I just boiled water and drank instant coffee. It is not good but it gives some caffeine.
534. Thank You Father for a haircut. Although the lady that gave me a haircut was out of control and really weird, I am thankful that I got a haircut. My hair is now super trimmed and looks like I just got out of boot camp.
535. Thank You Jesus for Jons. I am thankful that its prices are really kind.
536. Thank You Father for egg plants and yam. They made a delicious lunch today.
537. Thank You God for giving me great post ideas. Soon I will write about my PhD life and some fact checking. Thank You Jesus for the new ideas.
538. Thank You Lord for visitors. My blog is not popular but people still come and visit. I am thankful that people come and hopefully they find something funny or useful.
539. Thank You Jesus for Facebook. I was able to talk to a friend that I have not talked in a while.
540. Thank You Lord for Kakao. I am thankful that I can talk to Myngshin everyday.
541. Thank You God for USC library. I am thankful that I have access to journal subscriptions.
542. Thank You Jesus for government data. I am thankful that the government releases useful data. I am still cleaning the data but it gives me joy that I can ask interesting questions.
543. Thank You Lord for a calm heart. I am thankful that I do not worry much. I know that You love us and that You will take good care of us.
544. Thank You Father for a good workout. Pull-ups really make you stronger. My shoulders hurt a bit but I will be fine after some rest.
545. Thank You Jesus for a good health. I am thankful that I recovered from the cold. I will be healthier and pray more for those who are ill. Jesus, please heal those who are not well.
546. Thank You God for fact checking YouTube videos. I love the videos that break misconceptions. I did not know that history and media distorted so much. Well, I knew but they do often paint misleading pictures.
547. Thank You Jesus for sermons on YouTube. I am thankful that You give me the time to listen to the sermons.
548. Thank You God for the bible. I am thankful that I am reading the bible everyday.
549. Thank You Jesus for prayer time. I pray that I can pray more. Let us remember that prayer will solve things. Complaining and relying on oneself only is dangerous! Let us humble ourselves and pray.
550. Thank You Lord for lotion. I really like the Amlactin lotion. Time to stock up when it is on sale.
551. Thank You God for good notes on Lending Club. I am thankful that I found some good notes. Please bless us more God.
552. Thank You Lord for Motif Blue. I sold some investments at zero transaction fee! Yay!
553. Thank You Jesus for Quora. I am thankful that I can answer more questions and help others.
554. Thank You Lord for Duolingo. I am thankful that I can continue to sharpen my Spanish.
555. Thank You Father for my plants. They are growing well.
556. Thank You Lord for oranges. I love to eat them for dessert. Love the sweetness ^^
557. Thank You Jesus for making me stronger. I am now able to be more firm in You Jesus. Please fill us with the Holy Spirit.
558. Thank You Father for the daily meals. I am thankful that You provide us everyday.
559. Thank You Jesus for Amazon. I am thankful that I can find useful product information through Amazon.
560. Thank You God for wisdom. I am really thankful that You give me so much wisdom. Please give us more wisdom. Please give us the wisdom that You gave to Daniel.
561. Thank You Jesus for helping me clean data. I cleaned a lot of data today.
562. Thank You Father for everything. We are so thankful for all Your love and grace.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love. The more I write this post, the more I realize how much You love us. Let us be holier everyday and give You all the glory.