Thank You Lord for a beautiful day. I pray that the rain washes away the pollution and our sins. We are so thankful that there is always the sun rising. Let us yearn for Your return Jesus. Let us love and serve more.

602. Thank You Jesus for morning worship. I woke up and went. I pray that You make me pray more deeply.
603. Thank You God for bananas. I was so hungry. Bananas soothed me.
604. Thank You Jesus for coffee. Today I had to have good coffee. No instant coffee today.
605. Thank You Lord for sermons on YouTube. Thank You Jesus for the sermons. I should listen more.
606. Thank You God for yam and egg plant. That was my lunch! Delicious!
607. Thank You Jesus for a good talk with my friend. I pray that You give us more wisdom.
608. Thank You God for my car. I am thankful that it runs well.
609. Thank You Jesus for parking. I am thankful that I found good parking. Thank You Jesus!
610. Thank You Father for a good walk to school. The walk to school was just gorgeous. Everything became pristine and alive after the rain. I hope there is more rain coming šŸ˜€
611. Thank You God for the rain. I enjoyed the glorious day. I am thankful that the rain stopped by the time I got to work.
612. Thank You Jesus for my advisor. I am thankful for his care and guidance. Please continue to bless our relation.
613. Thank You Father for my office. It is very nice. It has tall ceilings and lot of space. Thank You for the nice office.
614. Thank You God for my exercise ball. I like to correct my posture and strengthen my back.
615. Thank You Lord for USC. I pray that Your will be will be done on campus.
616. Thank You Father for USC library. I am thankful for the books. Although I complain about the lack of books and resources sometimes, I should not complain but be thankful.
617. Thank You God for Kakao. I am thankful for video chat and call.
618. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin. I am thankful that we are growing together in You Jesus.
619. Thank You Father for good health. After the cold, I am extra thankful for my health.
620. Thank You Lord for my blog. I am thankful that I can express my thoughts and share Your love.
621. Thank You Jesus for credit cards. I love the convenience and the rewards. Jesus, please bless us more.
622. Thank You God for my plants. They are green and growing well.
623. Thank You Jesus for my beta. I forgot to change the water again today but it is well due to the plants!
624. Thank You Father for my church plants. They are growing well. I will take better care of them.
625. Thank You Lord for my worms. They are very busy eating the scraps away.
626. Thank You Jesus for Perl. It is still busy getting URLs.
627. Thank You God for my PC. It is very efficient.
628. Thank You Father for podcasts. Today I learned more about managed futures.
629. Thank You Lord for my gym. Today I did a lot of leg workout.
630. Thank You Jesus for my roommates. We had a good chat today. Please bless our lives and make us holy.
631. Thank You Father for ideas. You have given me so many post ideas! I will execute them. Hopefully, it will be funny and useful.
632. Thank You Jesus for research. I am thankful that I can do research. Please give me more wisdom.

Thank You God for all Your love. Let us be thankful and always remember Your goodness!