I still get asked a lot about my weekends. Many ask what are your weekend plans?

And I say,


Yup, research~ and some studying. I always say that PhD is a life style driven by research. I am not saying that research should dominate your life because that would be sad and scary. But it is what we do and enjoy (hopefully).

Research is hard. It is after all Re..search. Basically, an infinite loop of searching for the truth. The process is quite arduous and often tedious. But I learn a lot.

I learn about new data. I learn about new statistical techniques. I learn about new coding methods. I learn about new regulations. I learn about new phenomenon.

But most importantly, I learn to seek the wisdom from God. Because all wisdom comes from Jesus and He will give to those who seek it.

So I am thankful for my life and research. I do often miss going out but I am thankful that I am somehow seeking the truth and learn new things everyday.

So do I take any breaks? Of course!

I am in a beautiful community in Christ, which ensures that I am joyful and prospering.

Plus, I have good friends who look after me. So I am thankful.

So what am I doing now? Well, I am running a code and hopefully, it will finish running soon.

Anyhow, research is hard but learning new things are exciting and weekends are fun and joyful whether I am playing or doing research.

Thank You God for the joy and Your love.