Thank You God for a beautiful Saturday. Let us remember all Your love and grace. Please bless the nations. Let us continue to pray our leaders and nations.

668. Thank You Father for a blessed morning. We are thankful for the beautiful morning.
669. Thank You Lord for a blessed servant meeting. There are so many things to do let us pray more and serve You more.
670. Thank You Jesus for good fellowship. There was a lot sharing. I pray that You touch our hearts and make us stronger every day.
671. Thank You Lord for the church plants. They are growing well. Thank you sun!
672. Thank You God for our church’s water filter. It gives us clean water and water to take care of the plants.
673. Thank You Father for coffee. I am thankful for the morning coffee.
674. Thank You Lord for bagels. I really ate a lot of bagels.
675. Thank You Jesus for leftover cake. I don’t know what cake it is but it was delicious!
676. Thank You Lord for bananas and oranges. I felt hungry and I ate some bananas and oranges, and felt instantly better.
677. Thank You God for Myungshin. I am thankful that we can talk every day and pray for each other.
678. Thank You Jesus for the bible. I am thankful that I am reading the bible everyday. Please give us more insights Jesus 😀
679. Thank You Father for my PC. It is very busy getting URLs.
680. Thank You Jesus for the church PC. I am thankful that it runs well.
681. Thank You God for the beautiful sky. I wish I could have taken more photos but I was inside working like a good PhD :p
682. Thank You Lord for a nice dinner. I am thankful that K-Town offers great Korean food.
683. Thank You Father for my legs. I am thankful that I walked 20 minutes to the restaurant. I exercised and saved time and energy.
684. Thank You Jesus for a friend. I am thankful that we can support each other. I pray that he gets to know You Lord.
685. Thank You God for Facebook. I am thankful for the interesting posts and news.
686. Thank You Father for Yelp. It helped me find the restaurant that I was looking for.
687. Thank You Jesus for helping me give reviews. I have been too busy to write new reviews. But today, I wrote one. I will not procrastinate and put the rest of the reviews soon.
688. Thank You Lord for my smartphone. I am thankful that I can take nice pictures.
689. Thank You God for my blog. I am thankful that You have sent many visitors. I hope that they find my blog interesting and useful. I pray that You are glorified Jesus.
690. Thank You Jesus for toothpaste. I am thankful that I can brush my teeth and maintain my oral hygiene.
691. Thank You Lord for a repenting heart. Please protect me from temptation and make me repent more every day.
692. Thank You Jesus for Coursera. I am enjoying the ancient Egypt course.
693. Thank You Lord for Udemy. I liked the R package that draws graphs for stock prices.
694. Thank You God for excel. I cleaned a lot of data today.
695. Thank You Father for stewardship. I am thankful that You gave me the heart to take care of plants and clean the church.
696. Thank You Lord for Jessie. I am thankful that she decided to serve church. Please bless her and her family.
697. Thank You God for my roommates. I am thankful for my good roommates. I pray that we all become holier.
698. Thank You Jesus for Krispy Kreme donuts. A kind person left some Krispy Kremes at church for us to eat 😀
699. Thank You Lord for the brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray that we are united in You and praise You more every day.
700. Thank You Jesus for electricity. I am thankful that electricity enables us to live a more comfortable life.
701. Thank You Lord for internet. I am thankful for all the wonderful websites and services online.
702. Thank You God for my gym. I am thankful that I can exercise every day. Please keep me healthier 😀

Thank You Jesus for all Your blessings. Let us not complain but always be thankful 😀