Jesus, despite all my failings and iniquities, Your grace covers everything. Nothing can beat Your love. Lord, please give us repenting heart and let us grow closer to You every day. Let us hasten Your return. Thank You God for another blessed day.

762. Thank You Father for waking me up. I am thankful that I have another day to live.
763. Thank You God for my PC. I got a lot of work done.
764. Thank You Jesus for Stata. It helped me get the work done.
765. Thank You Lord for Perl. It is analyzing text quite well.
766. Thank You Father for water. I am thankful that I had water to drink.
767. Thank You Jesus for instant coffee. Nothing beats instant coffee when you are lazy.
768. Thank You Lord for bananas. My favorite fruit πŸ˜€
769. Thank You Jesus for chips. I don’t like chips in the morning but I was hungry.
770. Thank You God for hot shower. Nothing better to start the day then a nice hot shower. Actually, I should start taking cold showers.
771. Thank You Jesus for internet. I am thankful for all the wonderful things of the internet.
772. Thank You God for microwave. I cooked my yam.
773. Thank You Lord for dish soap. It helps me clean the dishes.
774. Thank You Father for clothing. Today was cold and I was extra thankful for the cloth.
775. Thank You Jesus for my car. I am thankful that I can go from A to B.
776. Thank You God for good parking. I found a great spot right away.
777. Thank You Father for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk around.
778. Thank You Lord for the new coffee machine at the accounting office. Coffee!
779. Thank You Jesus for a good chat with my advisor. Please continue to bless our relation.
780. Thank You God for email. Nice to communicate efficiently.
781. Thank You Lord for a good chat with Myungshin. Miss her and thank her always.
782. Thank You Father for my family. I am thankful that we are healthy and well. Please continue to bless our family.
783. Thank You Lord for a repenting heart. I am thankful that You always touch my heart and help me repent.
784. Thank You Jesus for good prayer. I fell asleep at some points but kept praying.
785. Thank You Lord for fasting. Fasting does really make you more humble and thankful.
786. Thank You God for my gym. I really love the pull-up bars πŸ˜€
787. Thank You Father for David, John, and Daniel. I pray that You touch their hearts and get to know You more every day.
788. Thank You Lord for my roommates. Please help us love and serve more. Bless our household.
789. Thank You God for our pastors. Please bless them and their families.
790. Thank You Jesus for our church. Please bring revival to our church.
791. Thank You Lord for my data skills. I am thankful that I have a feeling for data. I guess this is what happens when you stare at data for long time ^^
792. Thank You God for my blogs. I am thankful that I can write my blog.
793. Thank You Jesus for my smart phone. I took some beautiful pictures of the sky.

Thank You Lord for everything. Everything happens for a reason. There is no mistake. Please lead us to the path of righteousness and let us give You thanks in all circumstances.