Thank You Jesus for a  holy and productive day. God please take good care of us every day because we are so weak and lost. Please make us more loving and humble.

794. Thank You Jesus for a great sleep. I am so thankful to start another day.
795. Thank You Lord for a super productive day. I pray that I am more productive every day.
796. Thank You God for helping me find data errors. It was so interesting and painful at the same time, when I found some issues with the data set. Time to cleaaannn!
797. Thank You Jesus for Stata. I am thankful that I can quickly find commands and execute them.
798. Thank You Father for Perl. It is still extracting text from SEC filings.
799. Thank You Lord for SEC EDGAR. So thankful that all the filings are online.
800. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I am thankful all the interesting videos.
801. Thank You Father for Facebook. I found some interesting news.
802. Thank You Lord for a restaurant near my house. I have never been there but it was good and cheap! I should have gone there earlier! What a gem!
803. Thank You God for Kakao. I am thankful for the efficient communication.
804. Thank You Jesus for a nice chat with my family. I am always thankful for my family. Please bless us more every day.
805. Thank You Lord for Myungshin. I am thankful that we can always talk and pray together.
806. Thank You Father for faith. Things are not always easy but because You love us so much and because You have given us so much, we can be still and peaceful.
807. Thank You Lord for a good talk with my friends. Please bless us all and make us holier.
808. Thank You Father for prayer. We are so thankful that we can pray to You Jesus.
809. Thank You God for the bible. I am thankful that we can read the bible every day.
810. Thank You Jesus for my smart phone. I am thankful that I can check my email.
811. Thank You Father for Kindle. I am thankful that I can read many books on Kindle.
812. Thank You Lord for internet. I am thankful that we surf the internet.
813. Thank You Jesus for running water. I am thankful that we can clean ourselves.
814. Thank You Father for my worms. They are making a lot of compost.
815. Thank You God for my plants. They are quite healthy.
816. Thank You Jesus for my beta fish. It is still strong and living well.
817. Thank You Lord for a delicious dinner. I love spicy hot chicken soup.
818. Thank You Father for good sharing. I am thankful that Israel is slowly being restored.
819. Thank You Lord for Amazon. It is so convenient.
820. Thank You Jesus for Bing. It does have lot of interesting news and pictures.
821. Thank You God for my gym. I am thankful for the running machines.
822. Thank You Father for our church. Please bless our pastors and servants.
823. Thank You Lord for the ability to read and write. I am thankful for being literate.
824. Thank You God for my health. After recovering from the bad cold, I am so much healthier and well. Thank You Jesus.
825. Thank You God for all Your blessings. Let us always be thankful.

Thank You so much for Your love! We will always praise You and sing of Your glory ^^