Thank You God for another blessed day. Let us be more thankful every day!

1065. Thank You Lord for morning prayer. I am thankful that I can start the day with You Lord.
1066. Thank You God for cereal. It was delicious.
1067. Thank You Jesus for coffee. I love good coffee.
1068. Thank You Father for a productive day. I have got a lot of work done.
1069. Thank You Lord for cute projects. I love testing small ideas. Research!
1070. Thank You Jesus for Costco. I love the free samples and Costco pizza.
1071. Thank You God for a good drive. I did not experience traffic on the way and back from Costco! Amazing!
1072. Thank You Jesus for no line at the Costco food court. I love the pizza.
1073. Thank You Father for my advisor. I am thankful for his guidance.
1074. Thank You Lord for the bromeliad at Costco. It is so cute. Hope it grows well.
1075. Thank You God for my car. I am thankful that I can drive.
1076. Thank You Father for good parking spot. This is a great blessing in LA.
1077. Thank You Lord for my family. I pray that we become holier every day.
1078. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin. I am always thankful.
1079. Thank You Father for Evernote. It is so efficient to take notes.
1080. Thank You Lord for Coursera. I am enjoying the prehistory bible course.
1081. Thank You God for Lending Club. I found a good note.
1082. Thank You Father for Udemy. I like early-Access.
1083. Thank You Jesus for my blog. I am thankful that you give me so many ideas.
1084. Thank You Lord for Kindle. I love reading many books at once.
1085. Thank You God for my gym. I need to workout harder.
1086. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible. Please help me understand more.
1087. Thank You God for Kakao. I love efficient communication.
1088. Thank You Lord for my hands. I am thankful that I can type and grab.
1089. Thank You Father for K-Town. It is quite interesting.
1090. Thank You Jesus for great smartphone repair shop. I am thankful that I found a great repair shop.
1091. Thank You Lord for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk around.
1092. Thank You Father for pop-corn. I love pop-corn.

Jesus, You are our king. Let us prepare Your way 😀