Uber’s CEO Kalanick resigns from Trump’s Business Council while Tesla’s CEO Musk stays….

Internet is filled with criticisms both CEOs’ decisions.

Hmmm…what is going on?

First, I applaud Kalanick for making a stance. As CEO of Uber, it is his duty to protect his stakeholders. He realized that he can’t get his point across well in the Council so he resigned. Why are we upset about this? He is doing the right thing for Uber for now. Of course, things will be harder for Uber if Trump smacks it with regulations. However, for now, Kalanick stood up. Not sure why people are so upset.

Second, I applaud Musk for making a stance. He still believes that things can be worked out in the Council and he decided to stay. Good for him! He thinks that electric car and solar can benefit through his participation in the Council. He represented his stakeholders. Not sure why people are so upset.

These are two good CEOs and we should not just jump on the band wagon of criticizing them. They are not stupid. They thought things through and made their best decisions.

I think in the internet age, it is just too easy for people to burst out without thinking things through. If you really disagree with their positions then don’t use their products and services. There is already a movement not to use Uber. Excellent action! Express your opinion in more efficient and constructive ways instead of going berserk on social media. 

I pray that the chaos subsides and that there is peace and love in the world.