Thank You God for Saturday. Let us always start the day praising You Jesus. Let us never forget how much You love us. Let us always give You thanks ^^


1128. Thank You Jesus for Saturday. I am so thankful for a blessed day.
1129. Thank You Lord for morning worship. Let us continue to pray for Israel.
1130. Thank You Father for breakfast. We had a supreme breakfast.
1131. Thank You Lord for my car. I am thankful that I can give rides.
1132. Thank You Jesus for highways. Although there was traffic, you can go faster.
1133. Thank You God for Google Maps. It is so good these days πŸ˜€
1134. Thank You Father for ice cream. We had delicious ice cream.
1135. Thank You Lord for Seal Beach. We enjoyed the walk on the beach.
1136. Thank You Jesus for safe driving. We are thankful that we came back home safely πŸ˜€
1137. Thank You God for my house. I am thankful that I can host people πŸ˜€
1138. Thank You Father for Duolingo. I am improving my Spanish.
1139. Thank You Jesus for Quora. I wrote a bunch of answers.
1140. Thank You Lord for great blog ideas. I hope I have more time to write more content.
1141. Thank You God for wisdom. I pray that You give us more wisdom.
1142. Thank You Lord for helping with my writing. Rewriting a paper is hard but by Your guidance, I have made some improvements.
1143. Thank You Jesus for bananas. It is always delicious.
1144. Thank You God for good coffee. Coffee at the beach is wonderful.
1145. Thank You Lord for a good talk with Myungshin. I pray that You make us holier every day.
1146. Thank You Father for new data. I just found it! Please give me wisdom on how to handle the data.
1147. Thank You Jesus for old research papers. Yes, they are often deficient in methodology but they do have good logic and writing.
1148. Thank You Father for the bible. I am thankful that I am reading the bible every day.
1149. Thank You Jesus for prayer. I am thankful that I can pray every day.
1150. Thank You Lord for my roommates. I pray that we become more holy every day.
1151. Thank You Jesus for Paris Baguette. We are thankful for their donation πŸ˜€
1152. Thank You God for my gym. I enjoyed the pull-ups.
1153. Thank You Lord for my Kindle. I love reading books on Kindle.
1154. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I love watching short informative videos.
1155. Thank You Father for my bed. I love lying down and just thinking.
1156. Thank You Lord for I pray that research will reveal Your powe and wisdom.
1157. Thank You Father for my keyboard. It still works well πŸ˜€
1158. Thank You God for clean water. I am thankful that I have access to clean water.
1159. Thank You Jesus for my smartphone. I took a bunch of pictures on the beach.
1160. Thank You Lord for Facebook. I am thankful to be in touch with my friends.
1161. Thank You Father for Instagram. I am thankful to see what my friends are up to and also see awesome pictures some times.

Today was a good day. Please blessΒ us more every day πŸ˜€