Ahh…weekend is here.

Once you become a PhD student and do mostly research, most days are the same. Wake up, do research, eat, and repeat. You are on a loop. The only things you notice are less traffic and closed stores (weekends :p).

For me, the past few years have been the same and blessed. But some times…some times…there is some changes. And today was one of those days.

I had to give a ride to a place almost an hour away and I did not want to come back alone so I asked my friend to tag along.


Of course, we faced traffic on the highway but it was ok. We went to get ice cream! Yay! This is special. I rarely get ice cream, especially fancy ones, and an hour away.

But we enjoyed it!

Then we thought hmmm, we don’t want to drive back another hour just after ten minutes of eating ice cream, so we went to Seal Beach.

The traffic was not friendly but we quickly found parking. Lot of little shops greeted us. I did not know but apparently there were lot of good restaurants plus good coffee and ice cream.


The walk in the pier area was nice although it was quite long. The sun was strong and the wind was blowing. But I was thankful. Very thankful. Beats staring at the monitor (I kid, I am thankful to you to my dear faithful monitor).

After taking some pictures, we head back to the shops and grabbed some decent coffee. We enjoyed observing the locals and tourists chill and basked in the beautiful California sun.


Although the traffic back was also not friendly, with Google suggesting two change of routes, with each one having accidents, we made back home safe and sound.

Thank You Lord for the unexpected journey to Seal Beach. I look forward to coming again and sampling the restaurants (Yay! more reviews!).

Thank You Jesus for the good fellowship and safe driving. We are so thankful for Your love and grace.