Recently, I have been asked a question, “What do you do for fun?”

Hmmm…what is fun? That is not in my dictionary. No, I kid. I have fun.

Anyway, before I used to joke that fun is what you get to have when you have tenure (That’s what one of my professors told me).

For me, I used to think having fun was doing cool things shown on the wonderful pictures and videos posted on Instagram.

I really used to yearn and picture myself doing cool stuff. I remember fantasizing a trip to NYC on a whim and doing all the cool stuff shown on Instagram and YouTube.

Then I matured.

Now fun for me is having good fellowship. I think becoming closer to God through loving and encouraging each other is really fun and fulfilling. It really restores one’s soul. So that is what I do for fun 😀

Now what else do I do? I like reading. I like to read stuff not related to research. I believe that my mind has become too narrow with too much research. So I read books and news articles that are quite far away from my field to refresh my brain.

I also like to use Quora. It is fun to read and answer questions. Remember good questions lead to good answers 😀

In addition, I like Snapshot Serengeti a lot. Just eases my brain when I categorize animals in the beautiful Serengeti.

These days, I like to watch YouTube videos covering things that I never knew about such as certain kinds of chips and computer specifications.

Let me see what else~

I like to read random financial statements. I learn about random things. For instance, I learned that there is a BitCoin Trust trying to raise money and that there is a Bitcoin Index. Whoa!

Overall, I do have fun and I am thankful for God for everything ^^

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