Thank You God for taking care of us throughout the week. Let us remember that You will be with us in all times. Please bless us more and more loving πŸ˜€



1296. Thank You Jesus for another glorious morning. We are thankful for every day.
1297. Thank You Lord for morning worship. Please fill us with the Holy Spirit so we can be like
1298. Thank You Father for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk every day.
1299. Thank You Lord for my house. It is near church so it is very easy for me to go to church.
1300. Thank You Father for Jons. The price is so affordable, grad student friendly.
1301. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo. I practiced my Spanish.
1302. Thank You Lord for Quora. I answered some questions.
1303. Thank You Father for my blog. It is becoming slightly more popular.
1304. Thank You Jesus for books. I love reading books.
1305. Thank You God for cereal and milk. Gives enough energy πŸ˜€
1306. Thank You Lord for coffee. It really boosts my day.
1307. Thank You Jesus for my worms. They are working very hard.
1308. Thank You Father for olive tree. It is finally here. I pray that it will bear much fruit.
1309. Thank You Lord for the sun. Without the sun, we would not exist.
1310. Thank You God for water. I am thankful that we have clean water.
1311. Thank You Jesus for electricity. I am thankful that it powers all my devices.
1312. Thank You Father for Myungshin. I am thankful that we can pray every day together.
1313. Thank You Lord for Ventsi. I am thankful for his support.
1314. Thank You Jesus for great campus prayer. Many people came and we shared Your love.
1315. Thank You God for pizza. I love Papa Jons pizza.
1316. Thank You Jesus for fasting. I am thankful that I can fast. It makes me humbler and holy.
1317. Thank You Lord for helping my friend. I pray that she becomes more loving and holy.
1318. Thank You Father for my family. I pray that we become holier every day.
1319. Thank You Jesus for new research ideas. Please give us more wisdom.
1320. Thank You Lord for excel. It makes data cleaning easier.
1321. Thank You Father for Perl. It is still extracting data.
1322. Thank You Jesus for the bible. I am thankful that I can read the bible every day.
1323. Thank You Lord for my chair. I can work while sitting down.
1324. Thank You God for my health. I felt some chest pain but by Your grace I was fine again.
1325. Thank You Father for the brothers and sisters in Christ. Please make us holier and more loving.
1326. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. It makes communication much easier.
1327. Thank You Lord for Google. It is much easier to search for information.
1328. Thank You God for YouTube. I love listening to sermons.
1329. Thank You Jesus for Bing. The search is improving certainly πŸ˜€

Thank You Lord for all Your love and grace. Let us always be more thankful every day.