Yesterday was National Pizza Day, so we had Papa John’s pizza for Campus Worship.

Ahh…I still remember the first taste of Papa John’s pizza back in college. It was delicious and the garlic sauce made it unforgettable.


Funny that we ate lot of pizza late at night and yet we did not gain weight. Now late night pizza is a health hazard (oooohhh….).

For nostalgia, I decided to check out the SEC filings of Papa Johns (I am just checking out the filings, no due diligence).

So what did I learn that I did not know about Papa John’s.

  1. Papa John’s settled a case for not reimbursing 19,000 delivery drivers.
  2. Papa John’s has franchises in Azerbaijan, Bahrain, and Oman. I guess pizza is popular worldwide 😀
  3. John Schanatter own 27.6% of the firm. Go founder firm!
  4. Christopher Coleman, a managing director of Rothchild, is on the board (Rothchild is famous for its performance and secrecy).
  5. It has not hedged its foreign currency. Ohhh..not good in today’s volatile world.
  6. Leprino Foods Dairy Products Company is the sole cheese provider for the firm.
  7. Cheese is the largest food cost in a pizza! In 2016, the cost was about $1.6 block.


Ahhh…so nice reading SEC filings, always learning something new and interesting.

If you want me to take a look at another firm, please do leave a comment and I will what I can do 😀