Thank You Lord for a blessed Saturday. Let us always remember Your love and continue to spread the gospel.


1365. Thank You Jesus for Bagels. I love bagels for breakfast.
1366. Thank You Lord for Quora. I answered some questions.
1367. Thank You Jesus for Coursera. I am enjoying the bible history course.
1368. Thank You Father for Udemy. I like the volume analysis course.
1369. Thank You God for Perl. It is still running.
1370. Thank You Jesus for Excel. It makes data cleaning easier.
1371. Thank You Lord for bananas. I love bananas.
1372. Thank You Jesus for coffee. It woke up me in the afternoon.
1373. Thank You God for a short nap. It was not so sweet but it did the job.
1374. Thank You Lord for the lovely weather. I love the weather after rain.
1375. Thank You Jesus for my worms. They are busy making compost.
1376. Thank You Father for Amazon Prime. It has lot of recent movies.
1377. Thank You Lord for Duolingo. I am practicing my Spanish.
1378. Thank You God for a great dinner. I love son tofu.
1379. Thank You Father for helping me find a new coffee shop. The coffee is ok but the place is quite big.
1380. Thank You Jesus for a nice talk with my friend. I pray that he gets to know You more.
1381. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible. Jesus, help me read Your Word more.
1382. Thank You God for my PC. It is running well.
1383. Thank You Jesus for my legs. I ran one mile quickly today.
1384. Thank You Lord for my phone. I love taking pictures with my phone.
1385. Thank You Father for my car. I am thankful that I can give rides.
1386. Thank You Jesus for gas. I am thankful that I can afford to put gas in my car.
1387. Thank You Lord for credit cards. It is much convenient.
1388. Thank You God for the nice winds. Ahh, love the chilly winds after rain.
1389. Thank You Father for blog post ideas. Please give us more wisdom.

1390. Thank You God for investment ideas. I am really thankful for this idea and I think it may work quite well.
1391. Thank You Lord for Myungshin. I am thankful for her prayers.
1392. Thank You God for my family. I pray that we become holier every day 😀
1393. Thank You Jesus for my gym. I am thankful that I have a gym near my house.
1394. Thank You Lord for my Dyson. I used it to suck up fruit flies.
1395. Thank You Jesus for my beta. It is happy and swimming well.
1396. Thank You Father for books. I love reading books.
1397. Thank You Lord for Microsoft Word. It is a good text editor.

Thank You Father for everything. Let us continue to give You thanks in all circumstances 😀