Thank You Lord for a blessed Friday. We are thankful that You watched over us throughout the week.


1755. Thank You God for waking me up early.
1756. Thank You Jesus for helping me pray.
1757. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible.
1758. Thank You Jesus for discipline. I am thankful that my parents disciplined me.
1759. Thank You Lord for the good night sleep.
1760. Thank You God for clean water.
1761. Thank You Jesus for the hotel. The bed was nice.
1762. Thank You Lord for delicious breakfast. I will eat healthier.
1763. Thank You Father for pleasant office visits. Everyone was so nice and kind.
1764. Thank You Jesus for the successful presentation. Lot of questions and excitement 😀
1765. Thank You Lord for a delicious lunch. Korean food is good.
1766. Thank You God for a wonderful dinner. Wow, that was great salmon.
1767. Thank You Jesus for a great dinner conversation. I am thankful for the conversation.
1768. Thank You God for a safe drive back home.
1769. Thank You Lord for a calm heart. I am so thankful for Your love and grace.
1770. Thank You Jesus for my room. So nice to be back.
1771. Thank You God for my plants. I missed them.
1772. Thank You Lord for my PC. I had it work again 😀

Thank You Jesus for everything. Let us always remember Your love and grace.