I never understood how people leave their inboxes filled with 10,000+ emails!

Some of my friends have so many unread emails that the unread email numbers are about to burst out of the parenthesis.

I do not like to do that. I always try to keep my email clean. I delete spam. I mark important emails. And I look into old emails….

Ahhh..another trip to the past. I see emails from 9 years ago…how young and naïve I was. Even the email content seems immature. I see emails from old friends. I wonder how they are doing. Facebook helps but some have disappeared. I see old emails from professors demanding things to be done. I remember the stress but then I see that it was not a big deal and I overreacted.

I see spam emails about investments. I think most of the investment recommendations failed…

I see purchase orders. I realize how many things I bought that I did not really need. Then I am thankful for things that make my life better and that I still use. Also, thank you Amazon 😀

I find old emails of people that I loved once. Sweet memories but delete. I thought I deleted all the emails but I guess not. I am thankful for the relationship. It did really help me mature.

I find some emails from good friends. Ohh..we are so silly. I talked to him on Facebook. Ten years have passed but we are still good friends.

I realize that I should go back to the present and end the trip to memory lane. I look up and I am thankful to God for He was with me all times. Even in the darkest times, He took care of me. He made sure that I would know Him and that I would be prepared for His plan. I look back and I realize how Jesus has guided me through all the years. Just like the Israelites, I rebelled so many times, I never listened to God. I have taken so many detours.  Yet through His love and patience, He has healed me and set me on a right path.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy.