Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday. Thank You for all Your love.

sg361773. Thank You Jesus for waking me up. Every day is a beautiful day.
1774. Thank You Lord for helping me handle issues. Thank You for the calm heart.
1775. Thank You God for delicious lunch.
1776. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It is very efficient.
1777. Thank You Lord for Perl. It is still working hard.
1778. Thank You Father for good papers. I love reading good papers.
1779. Thank You Jesus for Excel. Data cleaning.
1780. Thank You God for light bulbs. Yup, that is how we have good light.
1781. Thank You Father for electricity. It makes modern life possible.
1782. Thank You God for white walls. They are pretty nice.
1783. Thank You Jesus for my chair. I can work sitting down.
1784. Thank You God for internet. Life will be a bit less interesting without internet.
1785. Thank You Father for my gym. I should work out more.
1786. Thank You Lord for my bed. It is very comfortable.
1787. Thank You Jesus for health. I have a cold. I realize how precious good health is.
1788. Thank You God for a hot bath. So relaxing.
1789. Thank You Lord for good Korean food. I love noodle soup.
1790. Thank You Jesus for my new keyboard. So much better 😀
1791. Thank You God for books. I love reading books.
1792. Thank You Lord for water. I am thankful for clean water.
1793. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible. Let me read the bible more every day.
1794. Thank You Father for Myungshin. Let us become holier every day.
1795. Thank You God for my roommates. I pray that we become holier every day.
1796. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I like watching movie reviews.
1797. Thank You Lord for Google Scholar. Makes research much easier.
1798. Thank You God for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk.
1799. Thank You Jesus for my car. I can give rides.
1800. Thank You Lord for credit cards. It makes payment more convenient.