Thank You God for a blessed Monday. Let us always start the week with You Jesus 😀


1831. Thank You God for morning prayer. I am thankful that I can start the day with You.
1832. Thank You Lord for cereal. A good breakfast 😀
1833. Thank You Jesus for helping me take care of the plants. I should really study more about plants.
1834. Thank You God for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk.
1835. Thank You Lord for helping me repent. Jesus, help me be more holy.
1836. Thank You God for my car. I drove to school.
1837. Thank You Jesus for great parking. A true blessing in LA.
1838. Thank You Lord for the cloudy weather. I like cloudy weather sometimes.
1839. Thank You Jesus for a good meeting with my advisor. Please continue to bless our relationship.
1840. Thank You God for a great talk with my committee member. I am thankful for his support and guidance.
1841. Thank You Lord for Ventsi. Always, nice to talk to him.
1842. Thank You Jesus for California Pizza Kitchen. I just wish the portions are bigger.
1843. Thank You God for the free Pepsi in the office.
1844. Thank You Lord for my office. It is quite nice.
1845. Thank You Father for Shiqi. I am thankful that we are good friends.
1846. Thank You Jesus for an unexpected gift. It was very nice 😀
1847. Thank You Lord for my house. It protects me from the elements.
1848. Thank You God for my gym. I worked out more than an hour today.
1849. Thank You Jesus for supportive committee members.
1850. Thank You Lord for new research ideas. Please continue to bless us.
1851. Thank You God for fasting. I am thankful that I can fast.
1852. Thank You Jesus for prayer. I will pray more.
1853. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible. Let us read the bible more.
1854. Thank You God for Myungshin. Let us become holier.
1855. Thank You Jesus for our church. We pray for revival.
1856. Thank You Lord for my PC. It is working hard.
1857. Thank You Jesus for my new bulbs. I like the lighting.
1858. Thank You God for my roommates. I pray that we become holier.
1859. Thank You Lord for YouTube. I like interesting videos about interesting things and people.
1860. Thank You Father for water. I am thankful for clean water.
1861. Thank You Jesus for electricity. It is so convenient.
1862. Thank You God for internet. Life would be harder without internet.
1863. Thank You Father for my smart phone. So convenient.
1864. Thank You Jesus for podcasts. I love listening to new podcasts.